Brain Spread

Welcome to a mash of information about me and things I like. I want you to take a peak into my brain. A lot goes on in here, but if you stick with me, you may be able to start making some sense of it. I update this page often, so if you’re wanting to keep up with me or my internet obsessions, this is going to be the place to be.

I live in Ontario and study Kinesiology at Wilfred Laurier University. I love my dog, being outside, and water. I like to be creative, helpful, and spontaneous. My perfect day is filled with a delicious breakfast sandwich, a long walk, maybe a workout, and talking to my friends (unless its an introverted day, where in that case I will not leave my bedroom).

Internet Favourites (right now)

Bloggers Unite

Feb 2nd 2021

Sometimes I love to listen to Lauryn and Michael, other days I only need an IG post from her to get me through the day. Either way, The Skinny Confidential is a company that inspires me to keep writing and be fabulous at the same time.

When the Body Says No

Jan 5th 2020

You’ve gotta read this book. Let me quickly answer the question: no, I have not gotten through it yet, but I do pick it up now and again and it is FULL of insight. Lots of learning to be done in the area, no matter who you are!

Fate: the Winx Saga

Feb 2nd 2021

As a kid, I LOVED this show. Mind you it was a cartoon and a lot less complex, but still, talk about fairies and magic and I’m sold. This new series gives me everything I need. Drama, spooky, magic, and most importantly; fairies. You need to see this (and help it get a season 2)