the legend to the legend

hey, i’m alex, and i love colours. before you know anything else, here’s your cheat sheet to understanding everything on Alexandra Leads.

once you click onto my blog feed, you’ll see that each post is categorized by colour. this is how you’ll be able to get an idea of what that post is about and if it interests you. below you’ll find the colour scheme with their corresponding mood.

pink – fabulous stuff here, probably a product or service I love and something you need try – think review central
orange – emotional or creative, probably a deep post, and you can probably put money on the the fact that this was written with the moon high in the sky
blue – diary post: daily or daily-ish updates about me, my day, and my personal life. chill posts that are an easy read and sneak peek into all that i am
purple – random category, brain dump, things that don’t belong in the other categories.
green – creative and abstract, maybe a story or a poem, similar to orange but not as sad; i hope. random ideas that are my daydreams written down and complex to understand, but one of my favourite ways to write
Alright, so that the gist of it. Let’s see if you can make sense of it with 2 examples.