dear e-diary…

hiya. ewww my fingers are starting to freeze… oh no, stagefreight.

i just read through my blog. like as an edit, and like wow. I just read of a place where a girl who’s unsure lives. ain’t that the truth. sometimes I think I’m a little open about myself at times and sometimes thats super weird. its so weird it twists up my fingers and ties my lips and coats my brain in concrete.

today I looked at my syllabuses. syllaby? syllibibi? a lot of paaaaappppeerrrr work. yuck. made a few adjustments and got familiar with my new life. academics; oh how I haven’t missed you. my calendar is NUTS.

that’s something else that I wanted to talk about… organization!! take the time now, like literally speed read this and get to it, organize yourself for the next few months. look at my school calendar on my instagram and like, feel all the feelings. if you don’t set yourself up for the year how will u survive? yeah it takes a while but its uber important.

getting back into school mode is tough, especially because I have like, the most senioritis ever found in a single human being. no one could want to do school any less than me right now. buuuuut I’ve been trying my best and dusting off all of the cobwebs after a veerrryyyy long summer. I was almost starting to forget my major. what school do I go to?

other than that, not much new. still at home. still staring at all of the screens. less lonley, thanks to my friends for coming back to the city… much more fun with them around.

oh! i’m having a party. more to come on that… maybe. If anything’s going to be password protected, it’ll be that 😉

peaches and cream gang.. . 🙂