skin care: my way

there aren’t many things i’m very picky about, but one of them is my skincare. maybe it’s a fad or maybe it’s here to stay, but as skincare has gotten increasingly popular within the past year or so, I’ve also cleaned up my act.

today I want to share with you all the products that I’ve gathered over the past year and how they’re used in my daily life. I’ve learned everything from either myself or through YouTube, so take what I say with a grain of salt or whatever. this is what I love, what works for me, and what also looks pretty on my shelf. let’s get into it.


because I want you to take something away from this, I’ve formatted below in a way so you can see the steps of my skincare routine, all the products I use, and tips on how I use them. maybe this will inspire you to try something new!

quick tip!

i am totally obsessed with using a ‘face scrubber’. Basically anything that can gently exfoliate and really get into my skin cells helping me feel super clean. I got my PMD clean in my causebox (now known as AllTrue) about a year ago now and it’s my favourite thing. Before that I used a Clinique brush, but that’s dead and gone. Silicon (I think) is best as it cleans super easy and stays fresher. This runs on batteries and I’ve never had to change them.

step 1: face wash

the first step in the routine is critical because it sets the whole mood. i’m pretty specific about my method so using a tool helps me get into the “skincare time” mindset. I use the Aveeno clear complexion cream cleanser and have been for about a 2 years now. filled w salicylic acid and soybean, I always feel fresh and renewed. I wash my face w this twice a day. also, this is a cream cleanser, so it doesn’t foam or anything. I tend to like foaming cleansers, but this keeps my skin so clear that I can look past it. Also note that I have pretty even and normal skin, not too oily and not too dry. the biggest problem I’d say I experience with my skin is rogue breakouts, so the salicylic acid helps keeps this in check.

step 2: speedy treatment(s)

okay so I could call this a “toner” step, but honestly I haven’t loved toner for a super long time, and I don’t think everyone needs to use it. that being said, I do still love a good toner and right now use one daily. on days I feel a little more boujee (right now that’s every day) I use Earth Harbor’s Glow Juice that I just got in my causebox (Alltrue box). the main point is that this step is used for something quick and helpful. this refining enzyme mask quickly soaks into my skin and gives me glow boost right in the morning. toner, which i use next, is great for evening out skin tones, but this glow juice makes me feel extra gorgeous and only stays on for 3 minutes. I usually brush my teeth to pass the time. once I wash it off and dry my face, I introduce more moisture into my skin by spraying on my toner. spraying uses less and disperses it evenly and finely. I reused an old spray bottle and it works perfectly. I go between different toners about ever 4 months based on what I see my skin needs, & right now i use a Garnier Bio perfecting toner. Its cheap, great, and hydrating while also keeping my skin even and blemish free.

step 3: extra juice?

something I’ve recently discovered is this Aveeno maxglow infusion drops and I love adding them into my routine. a little pricy but I’ve noticed a difference so I just bought my second bottle. I only apply this once a day and add it into my moisturizer in the morning. I think this would be helpful to add into your routine if you struggle with dry or dullness in your complexion. Other wise, skip this step and maybe try some eye cream.

quick tip!

lip care is EVERYTHING to me! If you ever catch me with dry, cracked, or unmoisturized lips, check my temperature because something must be wrong. I’ll admit, I have a slight Vaseline addiction and use it about 4 times a day. After I moisturize in the morning, I apply a good (some may say an unhealthy) amount too much to my lips instead of leaving them naked (YUCK), or putting on makeup or lip gloss. In the evening, I use Laneige lip sleeping mask in strawberry for an even heavier coat of grease. I wake up with the softest lips in the world. keeping my lips moisturized all day and night long is honestly my secret to a gorgeous face.

step 4a: daytime cream

my routine tends to change based on the time of day, as it should also with the season. In the morning, SPF is SO IMPORTANT, so make sure you use it! before I was the guru that I am, I didn’t use sunscreen or any SPF products, so I opted for a moisturizer with SPF in it. Now, and for the past year, I’ve been using the Aveeno ultra calming spf moisturuzer and I’m totally obsessed. I get out of bed in the morning to put on this moisturizer . It makes my skin glowy, dewy, and soft all day long. I also love how it comes in a pump so that I don’t have to stick my fingers in a jar. Like I said before, I mix my glow drops into my moisturizer for added softness. this is by far the best step of my skincare routine.

step 4b: nighttime cream

when I wash my face at night, I opt for a heavier cream to lock in moisture overnight. I use Aveenos intensive night cream and lather it on heavy. I don’t often use my toner, glow mask, or glow drops at night, so in the evening my routine is just wash and moisturize. SPF doesn’t need to happen at night either, so just get in there, wash the day off, and pamper yourself before bed.

quick tip!

i like to use the evenings for rich face masks or deeper skin treatments. my favourite face mask right now is Farmacy’s honey potion mask. it’s really rich, soft, gently, and calming to the skin and smells yummy too. this is good when I feel dull and run down and usually helps me regain my goddess power. Other times, when my skin feels tight and clogged, I use a facial steam that I actually make myself. Its this great concoction of herbs like spearmint, rose, and camomile which i dump into boiling hot water and cover with a towel. I let it sit for just about a minute before I stick my face over the bowl or sink and cover my head with a towel. this keeps the steam locked in and circulating. it gets nice and hot and really clears out my sinuses and pores. I sit here for about 5 minutes or as long as my mild claustrophobia can handle it, and then I proceed to wash my face and follow my skincare steps as outlined above. This is like, the best thing ever, so much so that it deserves it’s own post. like this post to tell me you want a facial steam post and giveaway!

and that is IT! now you know everything I put on my face in a day and how I get such a dewy look on the daily. this routine has seriously been working for me and keeps my face breakout free, soft, moist, and most importantly, clean! be sure to check out my instagram post for all of the images associated with this post, and leave me a little comment telling me what part of your skincare needs a kick in the butt! I’ve been really excited to write a post like this so I hope you all enjoyed it. It would mean so much to me if you like this post to show me that you want more beauty tips! thats all for now,

see you when I see you,

x., a

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