Marvel movie madness p1

The Marvel movies, as far as I know, are controversially some of the best movies ever made. Making what seems to me like millions of dollars in revenue, enticing hundreds of millions of people all around the world and having some of the best, most intricate story lines ever, this series has a lot going for it.

But, it may be surprising for you to learn that I’ve never seen any of them. Aside from a few random movies here and there and never fully getting the references or who the characters ever are, I had no idea of what these movies had to offer. I mean, Disney+ has a whole channel dedicated to ordering and classifying the Marvel movies in more ways than one.

SO with all of this great fabulous lockdown 3 time on my hands, I decided to indulge myself in this epic series.

Right now I’ve got no school, no work, no people to see and no places to go. With about 26 two hour long movies to watch, I’ve already gotten started.

As you read this, I’ve so far made it through all of Marvel’s generation one movies. This includes Captain America, Iron Man 1 and 2, Thor, and the Avengers (the first movie). I left out the Hulk because I couldn’t find anywhere to watch it (and it looked a little old and slow tbh (but don’t worry, I watched the trailer and got a gist of the movie)) and after watching the Avengers, I also feel like I maybe should have included the Black Widow in this first generation list. Either way, today I’m starting on generation 2, and have Iron Man 3 on right now.

Because I know that so many people love these movies, let me give you a little run down on my opinion of these first 5 movies.

Capitan America

As the first movie in the series, I knew that this should set some groundwork for the things that I was about to see in the future movies. It was a slow start for me and I wasn’t really invested, and ended up turning off the movie halfway through. I felt like Captain America wasn’t very important because to me he seems like a normal guy. After turning off the movie halfway, I switched on Iron Man and watched both the first and second before realizing that I proobbabably should finish Captain America before watching the Avengers. I’d give Captain America about a 5 out of 10. It was a cool movie with a cool concept but for me, it wasn’t as futuristic as I hoped the Marvel movies would be. I know some people think the Captain America shouldn’t be included in the Marvel series or he shouldn’t be considered a superhero, but overall I see how he fits in with the Avengers and he plays a pretty crucial role in the fight in the Avengers movie.

Iron Man

This was a great movie. I remember, as a kid, seeing all of the advertisements and merchandise associated with Iron Man and always confusing it with Transformers. Since I had never seen Iron Man, I thought that this movie was really hard-core, but watching the first one I was so hooked. Stark’s story is really interesting and I love the way that the film was done, and I honestly have no complaints about this movie. I’m glad I watched it first and now I feel like I have a really good background understanding of Stark and Iron Man and all of his drama. I like the way that he’s portrayed as a snobby rich man who only cares about himself. I think that’s a really interesting dynamic for this movie to have and make some really unique. Overall Iron Man gets a 7 out of 10 for me

Iron Man 2

Another totally epic movie. I was so excited to watch the second Iron Man after the first because I was hooked on Stark and his story line. I love the development, all the action, and all the futuristic technology involved in these movies. I have no complaints once again and give this movie and 8 out of 10 simply because it’s a sequel to an already great movie.


Going into this movie, I told my boyfriend that I wanted to watch a futuristic outer space movie. I wasn’t really feeling going back to Captain America (because at the time I still haven’t finished it), and so he suggested that we put on Thor. Thor does come next in the list, so it’s good that we watched it in that order, and for the feeling that I had to go into the movie, this really hit the spot. Thor is amazing. I love how it’s a tale of two brothers set in outer space and they come down to earth to fight out all their problems. Great movie, totally understood it, and I’m very excited to see the second one. Thor get to 9 out of 10 for me because it was so great.

The Avengers

OK, yeah, this is the best movie ever. I’m so happy that I finished Captain America and put all the pieces together so that when all the characters came together, it all made sense. The way the directors of the movie piece everything together and make it also intertwined is so epic and must be one of my favourite qualities so far about these Marvel movies. The storylines are also intricate and so believable that nothing seems too far-fetched. It was dramatic intense gory and overall so well done. First movie also gets a 9 out of 10. I’m not giving it a 10 because I know I can get better but at nine is a pretty great rating so far.

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