it’s officially day 4 of my favourite month and I have a major case of birthditis. Yes, that’s a made up word, but my personal definition of it is “a severe case of birthday fever which places a person unable to think about anything else”.

okay, so, it might not be a real thing, but I feel like everyone has experienced this once or twice. Maybe more so as a child… whatever. I love my birthday. I can make it all about me and basically do anything I want. Don’t try and tell me otherwise, I will deem you unfit for any future birthday communications because you are a weenie if you don’t support my birthditis. Moving on.

It’s pretty obvious now that I kinda have no idea what I’m doing with this blog. I am still starting, but I have big dream. its pretty hard, though, to figure out what the heck you want to do with all the words in your brain. Pretty overwhelming if you ask me. I dream about it, like I do with anything, but can’t quite seem to put my finger on a direction. I know I need to just start; just write; just create things that make me happy and not think twice. I know I’m a powerful creator but I also know I’m indecisive as fuq. Those are two very difficult qualities to balance.

But here I am. this is me writing, creating, existing. people ask me the question, ‘how have you been?’ and my usual response is “alive” or, “existing” or, “hanging in there”. This post isn’t about how I’ve been but just my response to the question. So boring, so typical, so bland. I don’t want to be bland but I think sometimes I come across that way because I’m so overwhelmed with the colours of my mind that I can’t really get anything else out without sounding cookey. Cookey is cool though.

my goal was to write every day in april, simply for the reason that it’s my favourite month. Clearly I’m an aries.

Well, its been 4 days since I’ve even written this post, so I may as well get it up for you guys. have you noticed the redesign? Let me know what you think of it! that’s all for now, xoxo, almost birthday girl ❤

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