I forgot something yesterday…

If you saw my post on instagram, then you may have seen a grey looking tablet with some crazy math notes on it. That, my friends, is my ReMarkable.

It’s something that I left out of my post the other day because it deserves its own time to shine. I’ve had this device for almost 2 months now, and I’m completely, head-over-heels, in love with it.

I need to tell you more about my ReMarkable.

Heres why its amazing:

  • never run out of paper

this may seem silly to you, but I’m serious. I am a writer. This should be no surprise to you at this point. I may not be the best at it, but I sure love it, so I will never stop writing. But something that usually limits my writing is the lack of paper. This is also know as “I don’t want to kill trees, carrying a lot of paper is really heavy and awkward, and paper cuts scare me.” So you’ll understand when I say that running out of paper is a huge limitation to me. But with this, my ReMarkable, there is virtually unlimited storage. It all backs up to the cloud, and better yet, syncs right on to my computer with no hassle at all. This allows me to write what I want to with no fear of losing the paper, running out of storage, and lets my ideas flow to the max.

  • you’ve always got a pen

a small but mighty tip. The pen that comes with the ReMarkable is magnetic to the tablet, so you can never lose it. Better yet, there are over 7 different types of pen tip to chose from when you go to write. You can use a ballpoint, mechanical pencil, fine liner, or a calligraphy pen to name a few. You can also choose the thickness of the writing utensil for the cleanest writing you can produce. One limitation here? Only black, white, or grey. But that helps me stay focused on getting information into my brain and not focusing on the aesthetic of the note. I use my colour creativity in other areas of life.

  • its all at your fingertips

the tech here is simply incredible. Right now, I have about 15 different notebooks all stored on my ReMarkable. The customization is great. Never again will I lug around 5 different binders or folders of class notes. No. Now, I’ve got it all nicely organized and where I need it and its all just a finger swipe away.

  • i’m the organization queen

I pretty much just need to reiterate the awesomeness of my last point. You guys. This thing is a machine. Literally. I am never ever searching for a document. With this tablet, I can import PDF’s, e-books, and email my notes to a friend so easily. I’ve got my documents on the tablet, my computer, and my phone, and can access them within seconds. Before I had this, I truly underestimated the need for to be able to have easy access to my notes. I was fine with just sending photos or typing my notes. But I know myself and I know how useful it is for me to handwrite. It feels more real this way. Speaking of real, writing on the ReMarkable even sounds like you’re writing on paper. Another bonus? Battery for 2 weeks. You’re welcome.

  • from writing to words

Okay, I’ve saved the best for last. This one is always a crowd pleaser. With the press of a finger, I can turn my hand written words into a typed and formatted document. YUP. THATS EPIC RIGHT. You don’t need to tell me, I adore this feature. DO you even understand how easy it is for me to write a blog post and get it onto your screen within minutes? So here you are, hand writing your thoughts and feelings, and you realize its minutes before 12 (the time when I post), and you’ve gotta transcribe these scribbles into words. Boom. ReMarkable 1, Alex 1. It’s a win win. I’m telling you. If you need to hand write for your personal success, this is worth the investment.

I’ll put more info about the ReMarkable on my Instagram, so make sure you come hang with me there! My username is @alextheleader_ and I post every day.

This post is in no way sponsored or in partner ship with ReMarkable, but I totally welcome the opportunity 😉

See you guys tomorrow, it’s almost Friday!!!


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