I’m Falling

I hope you’re reading this today feeling cozy and happy 🙂

My emotions have been weird lately, but I’m going to try and keep this on a surface level. I recently learned today that I’m a generator – not really sure what this means, more on that in a few days. And I find it funny that I discovered this information today. The last few days have been feeling especially transformational.

I think my best way to describe it is a creative energy hangover. Sounds funny. It actually is. I feel the comedown and I feel it hard. I get my dreams running and so quickly have them snatched from my realm. My body aches, my soul is tight; the waterfall is dry. I have absolutely nothing left to give.

And who knows how long it lasts for. Sometimes only a few days, or sometimes much too long. But none the less I get cured and I’m back on the high. I can do anything. I feel inspired all the time. I feel pink.

That’s probably crazy enough for today. It’s all I got right now. Something more fun tomorrow, i swear 😉


ps, as a future note to myself, life is hard right now, so please do what you can to never make it be like this again. use your fuel.

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