Getting Back

I want to feel like I’m working towards something. I am taking this seriously now.

Sometimes you really just need a week off. And just so you know, because if you’re reading this then you’re probably my future employer, I’ll be doing it again in the future.

This is very important to me, taking time off that is needed, deserved, and drawn out. It’ll be as long as I want to. Because I know how important my rest is to me. But enough about that, those are the days I keep to myself, now we can get back to the fun. 🙂

I think these times really allow me to see myself. I can remember what I need and why I’m here. And I remembered how cool it is to be terrified.

Of anything, but specifically my dreams right now. OMG this is getting too deep for a Monday, changing topic.

What I also took time to do on this vacay is plan out the next few weeks of my time. It’s pretty colourful to say the least. Literally. I bullet journalled all of it. I love taking time to be creative and let my ideas out.

So, I took note of all of the assignments I have left to produce, the classes I have to attend, and the meetings I need to take. I also put down my accountability schedule. It’s pretty great. It feels so amazing to feel prepared and in control of your time, especially because the separation is so hard.

Heads up, I’m getting to posting EVERY DAY. I don’t really know what it’ll be about, but I know how important writing is to me, so I’m making myself take the time to be here. To show up. Because like I said, I’m ready.

So hey, Welcome to my brain, and I hope you learn to take care of yourself today.

See you tomorrow!!! x

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