A Brief Good Morning

Hey, hi, hello, we’ve finally reached half way through the week!

Maybe you’re not as excited about this as I am, but I really need Friday like yesterday. Today is a big day for me. Basically I need to learn and perfect skills for a whole course in one day, and perform wonderfully on a test tomorrow. I also have what feels like a million assignments due tomorrow but is only really like 3. I’m sure you feel it too, but its beginning to reach that time in the year that was scary similar to last year, right before the world ended.

So yeah, I need to be productive as heck today. I need to get shit done the right way today. Maybe a Starbucks is in my future.

I’m really feeling the deja vu start to set in. I hope I’m not alone but I don’t want this feeling to be in any one else either. Maybe we should plan a party for our quarantinenniversary? I really, really, really, want to chat today, but it feels like a Friday thing.

Here’s a sadboys playlist that will hopefully get you through the work mountain day. Good luck with your shit today people! You got this. See you tomorrow! x

it’s a slow one but a good one ❤

PS: look out for a post in the EVENING tomorrow – I’ll check in with you upon my decent from work mountain. Byeeeee


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