Happy Days are Ahead

Hi you guys! Another week day another blog post for you. I really meant it when I said I was going to write every day! I’m feeling good this morning. I’m sitting in the sun, drinking an ice cold glass of water, and feeling like the main character.

Here’s a playlist for you today – feel free to listen while you continue to read this post, I think it will really set the mood.

I’ve been really trying lately to take control of my days. I know it’s harder said than done, especially because in this new virtual world, your attention is just a click away. Now, this may come as a surprise to you or it may not (depending on what side of me you know), but I’ve been skipping class.

This doesn’t mean I’m not doing the work, it just means I’m not wasting my day away listening to my professors talk about “where has the chat gone” and “we’re just waiting for one more person”. Absolutely not.

So I skip. I don’t go and I catch up later. This totally works for me, unless it’s an introvert day then I just lost the whole day to my mental health, but still important nonetheless.

I kinda want you to try it. Skip something today (only if you can afford to). I don’t skip important things, obligations, discussions, you know, things where I actually need to show face. But that’s what you need to learn; when is it important to spend your time somewhere and when is it not? Instead of being in these draining environments that makes me feel impatient and stupid, I do something I LOVE in that time.

Maybe I make breakfast and listen to a podcast. Maybe I clean my room and listen to an old lecture. Fill those times with good things and I think you’ll start to see your day turn around.

I feel pulled towards spending my time the way that I want to as the seasons begin to change. Yeah here we go, Alex is going to talk about the outdoors again; take a shot. But really. I feel the spring cleaning vibes and the nights get shorter and the days get longer and it makes me feel in charge again. Sometimes I find that in the winter I’m totally controlled by the light and lack of it. But suddenly, it begins to change.

So I challenge you to two things today:

  1. go get outside and experience the nature
  2. when you return inside, change up your schedule and do something that YOU want to do. Plan your time accordingly and make it feel good to you.

If you notice a difference in how you’re feeling, tell me about it! No seriously, come let me know on instagram how you feel now. I’m truly so excited for you.

Thank you for being here today! Now I’m going to have the best day ever. Keep the music loud and your spirits high people, the days are getting longer. Love you all, x.

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