Planning for Success

Hi guys,

Oopsies, I forgot to write a post for today (this part was written on Friday morning, when I expected to post this). I really felt like I was on a roll. To be honest, life took ME by the throat today. I felt it all fall down on me. The deadlines, the assignments, the people, the obligations, and the lack of separation from it all.

Right now I’m playing in the Mario Kart Grand Prix. I know, so random, but it’s one of my favourite hobbies. I love this game. So yeah, it’s cool playing against real humans and actually feeling emotions.

I been trying to work on my work/life balance this semester. Since I’m working at home, pretty much in my bedroom all day I find myself not knowing when its food time, work time, or sleep time. Something that I’m really trying to implement is not doing any school work on the weekends. Probably not a very good use of my time but its a really good use of my mental capacity. I know myself and I need some space. So starting now I’m trying my hardest to get all of the crap out of the way in the 5 weekdays, and take the weekend off from any and all obligations.

I’m talking workouts, meetings, assignments, writing, planning, nothing. The weekend is for impulsive ideas only and the week days are for really bringing it all together.

I will admit, I use Sunday as a great transition day into the week, and I use my Friday’s as transition days out of the week. What this means is on Friday, I tie up loose ends from the week, finish off the last few assignments and quizzes, and if necessary, plan a few things I need to get done on the weekend. Any work I leave for Saturday or Sunday should take less than an hour to do individually, and I can space them out as needed. It’s also important to know that you cannot do anything urgent on the weekend. So if something is due on Sunday night, get it done on Thursday – Friday at the latest.

On the flip side, I use Sundays to plan plan plan. I design my workouts, look over my calendar, write down all of the tasks I need to get done the week, and designate days to assignments. Sometimes I use this time to get in a last minute quiz, but I never plan on it. Sundays are for productivity. By planning out my week all on one day, it gives me more time during the week to do instead of plan.

That’s all for now. My goal for the week is a blog post every day! Follow the blog and help me stick to my goal. You all rock! Have the best day ever, x.

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