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This was supposed to be my post a few days ago, but my dark side felt like talking. So here I am in the MORNING writing this so that you can get what I actually intended you get. To make it make sense, the following begins IMMEDIATELY after my jan 25 post, so if you haven’t read it yet, go there, and then come here… enjoy!

Oh god. I did it again. This was supposed to be trendy. Let’s try again… 

I’ve got a great balance of life going on right now. I feel like I’ve got it by the throat in the best way. Let me give it to you in a list. 

  • I keep up with the trends 

The first thing I think of here is Tik Tok and coffee. Its funny to admit but so true and important to me. I love a good routine. I love trying new things, realizing I sorta love it, and incorporating it into my daily life. I like knowing whats hot and going on in the world (the trendy and cool teenager world, not the adult world, all that gives me is anxiety) to make me feel connected with others. I know that Sally from Tik Tok recommended these slippers, so me having them makes me feel like I have a real friend. More on that later. But yeah, try new trends, wear the trendy clothes, drink the trendy coffee, and post about it. Push yourself into a new world once and a while and feel your inner VISCO girl come to the surface.

  • I am unreachable (when I want)

Similar to what I told you yesterday about shutting off your phone when you’re on a walk, shut that shit off during the day too. You really don’t need it. ESPECIALLY if you can text from your computer, you may as well flush your phone down the toilet. I have do not disturb turned on, while the phone is on silent and every single conversation is muted. Theres no way that you can get a hold of me if I don’t want you to. And that’s HEALTHY. You do not need to live in a world where you can be contacted every second of the day. That’s why we have answering machines and paper – write down your question for me and save it for later baby, I’m having some alone time.

  • I’m a new person

I have new habits, clothes, furniture, EVERYTHING has changed. This is extreme, but it really helps me feel fresh when everything else feels stale. Maybe you go thrifting and buy a new sweater. Amazon packages come on the daily. I changed my bedroom furniture around, added some new photos to the wall, you know. Maybe change the crusty screen saver you have on your devices – I like to change mine every week. Try out a new hobby or habit for a week. Maybe start a craft or try new recipes. If that’s too hard, order dinner from a new restaurant. Anything that can change up your daily routine is great. This helps me stay fresh and alive while staying safe and at home.

  • I am gentle with myself 

This one is really important because I have days which are full of productivity, healthy eating and exercising, but I also have days full of none of the above. I lay in bed all day glued to my phone. Days like those are full of baths and walks and smoking a whole lot of weed. Gotta be honest. It’s crucial to understand that these days are just as important to have these days squeezed in between those hard productive days. Maybe something does’t go as right as you had hoped today, it’s alright. Tomorrow is a new day. Give yourself grace and time to heal. This world is ripping open wounds left and right and you deserve time to regenerate. Allow yourself that.

  • I’ve got friends 

Something that is really hitting home right now is the connections I’ve made with others. For the first time in a few years, I feel like I’m starting to have a community of people who care about me and support me. I’ve got the best girls around me at school which make it feel less like a chore and more like a stupidly hard life, but its fun. I have a community of people who encourage me to write and post and create. I find that I’m able to really keep these connections with one simple tip: call people every single day. If they don’t answer, that’s fine, they just want to be left alone. Call someone else. You can call people when you’re anywhere, so it helps me feel less alone. I talk to friends on walks, doing my makeup, eating lunch, doing homework, cleaning my room, anytime where you might be listening to music or watching TV, try to fill those times with OTHER people, not sexually though.

I know this post was sorta similar to a few days ago, but all of these points are so important I figured that the repetition was okay. I hope you found this useful! I love writing lists like this, if you love them too then give me some love by liking this post and following my blog. Thats all for today you guys, have a great day! x

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