Big News

You guys

I’ve just found out that SOME OF YOU don’t like walking. Lucky for you, I’ve recently discovered I’m a natural at walking.

Okay so with all of this time spent at home, my only-child tendencies are really coming to surface. I LOVE WALKING. I love being outside. I love it I love it I love it. Maybe it’s the winter time that brings it out of me. I think I like the winter time the best for walks because most other people don’t. Its usually quiet and calm and peaceful and great for clearing my head. Its also the only place that I can go and not be chained to a screen.

Here are a few things that I love about walking (and how to do it right)

  • spend as many hours out of my room as possible

Change up the scenery as much as possible. This one can also be applied to daily life without a passion for walking, but is important nun-the less. So yes, being in different rooms during the day is a great tool I suggest, take different routes on your walks. Play with the length and the neighbourhoods you walk through. Walks less than 5 minutes are unacceptable – you need prolonged time in the outdoors for lasting effects.

  • get away from the phone

Pretty obvious and its hard to walk and text. Put your phone in your pocket and on SILENT. Absolutely no one is contacting you right now. Put the screens away, take off those blue-light glasses and let your eyes relax for a while. You can’t do much of your normal life without them.

  • leave everyone alone – and make others do the same

Similar to above: put your phone on SILENT. yes, it has to be capitalized. Maybe you can allow calls, but it depends on your job. If you’re working part time – fuck that shit. Turn the phone off. Maybe if you’re a doctor you can keep it on, but everyone in between is not important enough to be needed for 20 minutes. Vibrate if you’re nervous or a first-timer, this is an elite sport.

  • soak up the sun… or rain… or snow…

Perfect – saved the best for last. This one is huge for me. Anything that can connect me with the elements of the earth is just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes it feels good to take out the earplugs, let your scalp see the sun, and bask in it. Regardless of the season, I get as much natural as possible in this artificial world. Right now especially, I look for parts of time outside where not many are out. I love the night time and I always have. So get out at night (where its safe) and soak in that moon. Look at the stars and actually look. I know its hard. If someone could be infatuated with the unknown of the universe, thats me. Alright, point here: admire the earth, stop and smell the roses, slow down, and be present.

I feel like I need to have one more point but I have no clue what it needs to be. Maybe have some music going. Only in one ear though. Gotta hear those birds. Hey, I just wanted to tell you, I think I’ve got this thing down. Can’t go into details, you got that post yesterday.

Okay guys, I’m happy. See you tomorrow. x

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