Let’s Talk Zoom

Let me cut to the chase, because yes, I am writing this during a zoom lecture.

Is there an agreed upon zoom etiquette that we must follow? Today, I decided to sit in my zoom lecture in a snuggie. Nothing else. No pants or bra. Just a snuggie. Yes, the camera was on. And it was fabulous. Is this okay?

Why do people find it worrying to speak in a zoom call? I’m sitting here in nothing but a blanket with sleeves and you’re worried about saying a few words? I’m sure it won’t be much more than a “yes I agree”, or a simple introduction.

I read something today that said “it’s better to do it badly than to not do it at all”. I think it read something like that.

Okay, I won’t lie, I read it on Tik Tok.

And so I read it and kept scrolling as one does, but then I thought about it again, and then my dog started barking, and I ignored her but I still couldn’t stop thinking about that line.

“It’s better to do something badly than to not do it at all”. Maybe it read “half do something” or closely along the lines of that.

And so I got up. I laid on the floor with my dog but I got up. And I ambled down to my desk and watched the Amazon delivery guy drop a package at my door.

And I kept thinking about it.

Because last week was hard. This week is still hard and it’s only Monday. But I kept thinking about it. Because all I want to do right now is quit. But rather than quit, I will do it. I may not do it well, and I may order 16 more things online while I’m doing it, but I will do it.

I will get this week done, and the work from last week, and next week’s and all the weeks that come to follow them.

And you know what, I probably wouldn’t have written this today if I hadn’t have gotten up and sat on my zoom lecture in my snuggie and partially listened. Because at least I was there.

Maybe, yes, I was there in a blanket with arms, but I was there.

So thank you, Zoom, for not having an etiqutte rule.

Because I can confidently say, I would not be able to show up to class, actually physically, on campus class, if I was told to wear anything but a blanket with arms.

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