School is taking over and it shouln’t have to

I feel like I could get a lot of backlash for this, but I think that it’s something that needs to be said.

All over my socials, I see students anxiously tweeting, posting, talking, crying, screaming about school. Because if you didn’t know, right now, school looks very different.

School looks like a full-time job. School looks like I need IT support on standby 24 hours a day. School looks like a dead phone battery, dry eyes, and a rounded spine. School looks like a trick, not a treat.

Right now, school is hard. Is it harder than it was before? I’m not really sure yet. School was hard and it still is, but it’s a very different hard. School right now is overwhelming.

Before this school year started, I had about 14 years of practice. I practiced going to school every day, doing my homework, working with classmates, and learning the tech. But today, on this 15th year of school, all that matters, is time management.

All that matters right now is how well I can meet deadlines, appear on zoom, maintain my mental health and just barely scrape by.

But in the long run, no matter how different school is looking, it still matters the same amount.

And that’s what I want to write about today.

You see, school has never been a do or die thing for me. Maybe if you asked me on the odd day I would say differently, but overall, in the long run, school is, you know, school.

It’s a way to be normal and to meet the standards being put on us. It’s a way to learn and connect with others and become prepared for the “real world”.


Right now, I don’t think I agree.

You are letting school ruin your life. And if you’re not, then you’re doing amazing. But to everyone who is letting school ruin your life, please hear me out.

Zoom out. Zoom out of why you’re doing this. Zoom out of the textbook, the pdf, the assignments and the deadlines and look at the bigger picture. School is hard and scary and demanding, but school is not your life. If it is, and if you love it and if you feel like you are learning and thriving and understanding, that’s what matters. But to everyone who feels like they are drowning, not understanding, and simply doing the work just to say that you did, is that what you want for yourself?

Do you want to need school as badly as you do?

Remember the joy you have in your life. Remember to take a weekend off, to take a night off, or even an hour off. Remember to take care of yourself. Set up a space, set up a schedule, and do what you need.

The school system is just that, a system. It is a way of controlling us and getting us all to fall in line. And if you take anything away from this message then take this: fall out of line.

Stop worrying because worry makes you age. Not that age is a bad thing, but you will worry your life away. Is that what you want?

Zoom out, fall out of line, drop that stupid class, and take a breath.

School is hard, but don’t make it harder. Don’t let it control your life.

The rules have changed now. There is a new way of doing school, so figure it out at your own pace. School is not everything.

You are everything and school is only one a piece of the life puzzle.

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