Moving Forward

In light of my recent return to the blogosphere, I want to let you know what you’re going to see here.

You’re going to see me evolve into my own girlboss.

You’re going to see my development into my 20’s, and all of the mistakes that come with it.

You’re going to see posts about developing healthy habits and being more conscious about everything.

You’re going to be the reader of my diary; the holder of my promises; my friend.

If you’re going to be here then I want you to be here.

I want to hear from you and what what you want to read.

I want to be for the people, but also for myself.

If you want tips, I’ll give you tips. If you want to read about my mistakes, I’ll share them. I’ll tell you what not to do, what to do instead, and what to completely avoid. If you want to be here when I’m sad and scared, I’ll give it to you. If you want to feel less alone, I’m here for you.

I want you to come here when you don’t know where else to go. If you want someone to talk to, I’m here.

But I also want you to know that my life is my life. I love talking to people, but I have a downfall when it comes to taking advice. I want to do things for myself, and help you out along the way. I want to live things and re-tell my experiences to you.

Sometimes I want to give you every little detail, but other times I want to be vague. And that’s okay. Because I want you to remember that this is my blog, and I’m sharing it with you because I can and because I want to.

So moving forward, please remember to be nice, be kind, and be gentle; and I will do the same.

If it wasn’t clear already, PLEASE let me know what you want to see here. I don’t want to post too much of the same thing, so send me a message and give me your input. I have lots of ideas, but the more specific, the better.

Have an amazing day, and I’ll see you when I see you

xo, alex

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