what if all the grass came up?

What would happen if there was no more grass? 

Seriously, I mean,

What would happen? 

It would start with “oh it’s just one bit” and then both of them would think that. 

And soon the whole street turns their lawn into a rock garden because its “easier” and because it “looks just as good”

And then it would become a trend, and people all over the world would take up their grass

They’d replace it with plastic, they’d replace it with carpet 

They’d put in pools and they’d expand their deck 

And it would be fine 

Because there are still trees 

And the companies plant more trees with this purchase…

that comes wrapped in plastic. 

But they still plant the trees. 

And there are still gardens 

And there are still flowers. 

And there are still farms and forests and oceans. 

They’re saving them as I buy this soap, 

They’re planting more when I buy this app, 

They’re doing it. 

But that’s how this whole mess started. 

By them starting it 

And they’re continuing it 

And it’s their fault, not mine 


Because I didn’t take up my grass first 

Because I saw it on the news and my neighbours did it 

Because I thought it would still be okay with the forests and gardens. 

But they didn’t know. 

They didn’t know how important the grass was too. 

They didn’t know that it’s not just a pain-in-the-ass or a weed you must trim 

They thought it was just grass. 

And that there was enough of it. 

And that their decision didn’t impact the whole world. 

But they were wrong. 

And they were stupid. 

And they didn’t think about the bigger picture. 

And while maybe it was just a trend

it was earth.

And it was plant.

And it was needed. 

So don’t think that it’s not. Or you’re not. 

We need the grass, and don’t you forget it.

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