You want to know what I think about working out?

Hey crazy people. I hope you’re all doing well.

You’d think with all of this free time I’d be writing more. Funny … because I’m not. But here I am, sitting in the beautiful April sun, with one million topics on my mind and I can’t figure out which to write about first. But I think I’ve decided: for today, let’s talk about working out.

Not one specific dimension about working out, more so the concept as a whole.

If you had asked 12-year-old Alex what she thought her favourite pastime would be, I’m nearly 100% certain I wouldn’t say being active. Or maybe I would, but in a non-typical way. I don’t really remember what I was doing at 12 aside from dancing, because I hated gym class, mandatory track and field, mandatory cross country, and anything cardio based. A pretty solid memory that I do have, however, is when I was about 14 years old in dance class at my new studio. We used to do this warm up that was just jump rope. Sounds pretty simple, but as an out of shape 14-year-old going through puberty, this sucked. I remember never being able to jump rope for the whole song or duration of time that we actually had to move for, but it feels like something like 12 minutes (it may have really just been one or two songs, but it felt like an eternity). Anyways, the first time I actually made it through the whole thing, I felt like I just ran a marathon. I felt so accomplished, so proud of myself, and also so tired. But I kind of loved it. I loved the feeling of doing something hard that I really had to push myself for. I think that was my breakthrough moment.

Fast-forward 4 years and see 18-year-old Alex, who graduated high school and is going into a degree in Kinesiology. Yeah, I didn’t expect it either. I was, not so long ago, faking sickness to get out of track meets, and now here I am. And I can tell you I love being active. I will assure you, though, that I still hate gym class, but I’m much more confident now that I suck at nearly every sport and I participate for the grade and the enjoyment. Okay, I don’t enjoy it, but I do enjoy laughing and I do a lot of that when I’m “playing” dodgeball, or whatever it is. When I graduated, I learned what the gym was. I learned how to use weights, dived into yoga a bit, started eating better, and just grew up. I was pumped to learn about health and activity and working out in school, but I didn’t really know what I got myself into.

Another 2 years go by and here we are, finishing my second year of kinesiology, half-way there. When I say I didn’t know what I got myself into, I mean it. It was only last summer that I realized how hard this was going to get. I was working on the golf course when some 60-something man noticed the sweater I was wearing, that said “Faculty of Kinesiology and Phys. Ed.” He says to me “A kin girl? Wow, you must be a smarty pants,”. I remember laughing and telling him that first year was a walk in the park. And it was, it really was nothing to stress over. But this year, I was hit by a bus. It’s all good, though, now. It’s basically done, and honestly this post isn’t about my school journey or what I think about my program. But, if you are interested in that, let me know and I’ll be sure to write more.

Anyways, you probably came here to hear what I have to say about working out. And like I said, it’s such a big topic I don’t really know where to start. But it’s important for you to know my journey, because it shapes a lot of my views and understandings and opinions about this whole world of fitness.

I personally take, I guess what some would call, a scientific standpoint. While I believe that each and every body is different and the same form of exercise doesn’t work for everyone, I do still believe that there are some concepts that are universal for everyone. Things like nutrition, calories (not counting them, but that they are necessary to lose/gain weight), amounts of activity, and other processes that are literally necessary within your cells to be healthy are the same or very similar for all people. So, the same things don’t work for everyone, but the principals still apply to everyone. I personally think that you should do what feels good, and what your body craves. It gets a little tricky though when you want very specific results.

Again, I’m speaking from my personal beliefs and goals, because I obviously can’t speak for you. So, let’s say so that you can understand my fitness goals, that I want to be a beast (I actually do want to be a beast, there’s no joking)

If I’m doing yoga every day, this is not going to be achievable for me. Similarly, if Barbra (my hypothetical friend) wants to lean out her muscles and lose weight, yoga may be a really good option for her. Okay, I’m not actually trying to teach you here, so just stick with me through the rant.

I’ve noticed, through this quarantine, that the fitness community is coming together more and more every day. Influencers and studio owners of all kinds are posting free, online workouts everywhere (ps, I’m going to call them workouts just for ease of writing, but I’m really talking about every form of activity under the sun, from HIIT, yoga, dance classes, whatever you want, you can find it somewhere). I’ve also noticed how many ADS I’m getting on all of my socials for this new workout program and that new workout program. Everyone is advertising their “8-week guide to a new you”, because what else have we got to do?

As much as I love seeing people get into fitness, this, I believe, is not the way to do it. I think if you’re totally new to working out, if you’ve had a really hard time getting focused, committed, or motivated, if you lack the creativity or knowledge, then it’s an awesome way to get your toes wet. And remember, I’m speaking from MY POINT OF VIEW; I am experienced, knowledgeable, and creative. So, for ME, this is a stupid idea. Why would I pay all of this money to do Suzie’s workout guide when I can create my own workouts? Okay, take a step down, you don’t even need to create your own workouts. Google them, find them on Pinterest, YouTube, any social media platform and I guarantee you that you can find some resources that are perfect for your experience level. If you care about yourself, I think that this is something to put time into. Learn how your body responds to certain exercises or activities. Maybe, for all you know, Suzie created her guide for her, and she’s just doing a really nice thing by sharing it to all of her followers, who you happen to be one of. Odds are, she created this (don’t come for me), A: to make money, and B: to help some people out who have no idea how to properly move their bodies. But I still don’t feel good about this. If this is your first time, and you’re serious about transferring into this healthy lifestyle, ask a professional to help you, because they’re going to make sure your form is right, you’re taking the right steps for your goals, and that everything else in your life is on track to achieve what you was as best as possible. It’s not always about how fast you can lose weight or gain muscle. It would be awesome if it really did work like that, but your body doesn’t function like that.

It takes time to gain weight, which means that losing weight isn’t any different.

That was a rant. Hopefully you stuck with me and kind of understand how I’m feeling lately.

I’ve been doing a lot of home workouts, because that’s really the only thing you can be doing right now. I’m really fortunate that slowly, my collection of “gym supplies” has been growing. I have a few yoga mats, resistance bands in all shapes and sizes, and lots of recovery equipment from my history in dance. This gives me the ability to really, do any workout I could imagine. Pilates, yoga, upper body, lower body, anything. But remember that it’s not the be all and end all if you don’t have access to these things. A towel can work instead of a yoga mat, maybe if you have some bungee cords you can rig something up, but if you have anything with weight, cans, bottles, a table for all I care, you can make something work.

With all of this said and done, I do truly love working out. I love learning how to move my body in a way that feels good and gets me closer to my dreams. I love the feeling of unity that brings people together due to shared interests. There are so many different avenues that you can take, so many classes, styles, durations of working out that something will work for you. But it won’t happen right away. If you take anything away from this post, let it be that. You can even see from my story that so many things have changed from when I was 14 (as things should, if you’re the same as your 14-year-old self then I think you have some soul searching to do). Even now, I’m still changing and trying new things when it comes to moving my body.

So, from dance, to yoga, to my crazy deadly workouts that I do now, I hope you try something new. Maybe, in 40 years, we’ll all be practicing Thai Chi in the park, or maybe I’ll be a competitive diver. Keep trying new things, and keep sweating, because nothing is better than freshly straitened hair stuck to your sweaty back (this is a joke, it sucks.)

Anyways, you guys rock, thank you for listening. Go get sweaty!

Ps: if anyone wants to talk more about this, please reach out! I’m always happy to talk send you some stuff, and help you move along on your journey.

Xo, alex.  

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