What I’ll be doing until the End of the World

Don’t come for me. It’s not actually the end of the world. My mom keeps telling us “this is the end of the world” and in her social worker tone she then adds “it’s the end of the world as we know it…”, and everything is about to change. For the better – she always adds.

I have a lot more time now as I’m sure all of the rest of you do. Maybe you’re surprised I haven’t been writing more… I sure am. I love to write but sometimes (most times) it feels like such a chore. But as soon as I start, my brain knows what to do and it opens the flood gates and my thoughts spread like rapid fire. Not like anyone has asked what I’ll be doing (seriously, no one cares what anyone else is doing, but at the same time everyone actually wants to know because everyone is bored out of their minds (sorry that was confusing)) but I thought I’d share anyways, because writing this is giving me something to do.

1. Watch a lot of movies

I’m trying to think of this as mandatory mono. Picture this: your lymph nodes are swollen, don’t know which way is up, and all that’s in your stomach are ginger ale and rye bread. Okay, yeah, that’s not true, and it’s a more glamorous mono, but you can’t move off the couch for any reason other than to eat or go to the bathroom. It’s fun, for a few days, to catch up on Netflix series, movie recommendations, and get all of the tv binging out of your system so you can really start the grind.

2. Home workouts

If anyone is interested, comment on this post and let me know what you’d like to see, because I guess creating workouts can also be a good pastime right now. But recently, I’ve been craving to move, and doing all that I can. Luckily, I have a big ass dog who could literally go on a 10 hour walk, so she won’t keep me down. I’m also fortunate enough to live behind a school, so I can walk over and do lots of workouts to get out of my house but still not be surrounded by people. I don’t have weights, or anything fancy like that, but I use a lot of resistance bands or just plain body weight. Here’s a hack: if you want more weight for some of your exercises, eat more so the next day your body weighs MORE and you can get an even better workout (this is a joke, please don’t actually think this will work, I’m trying to be funny). But I’ve been doing a lot of HIIT circuits, family workouts, and dog walking to the grocery store every day to check and see if more toilet paper is in stock (again, joking (not really)).

3. Working on my bullet journal

This is a little spread from the start of my new bullet journal for the 2020 year.

I actually don’t know if many of you know this about me, but I’m an avid bullet journal user. I started about a year and a half ago and I’m on my seccond journal now. Again, if there’s any interest in seeing more of this, let me know! I would be so happy to share and create content about how I personally use my bullet journal. I’m not perfect (neither are you, don’t be cocky), but I really enjoy drawing, colouring, and making different layouts. But; I’m not an artist. I think I actually suck really bad, but it’s so fun and I don’t care what you think.

4. Learning more about astrology and how the moon’s affect me

My newest tattoo on the back of my upper arm, Nov 15, 2019 by Mr Koo @ Ink and Water in Toronto

Based on my most recent tattoo (yeah, that’s actually my arm), you may be able to guess that I’m obsessed with outer space. I don’t really know where this infatuation came from, but I feel so good, warm, fuzzy and comforted when think about it or look at photos and things like that. I recently just bought my Spirit Daughter new moon eBook, and the subscription to this gets me a new book with each new moon (about every 30 days), so that I can really harness the energy of the moon. If you’re interested, you can learn more about it here. I’m excited to make a bullet journal spread that lets me write journal entries about the seasons, understand my horoscopes more, and broaden my horizon about how the sun and moon affect me. PS – there’s a really nice poem on my instagram about my tattoo, check it out here!

5. Organizing/cleaning out my closet

This is something that all of us can be doing. I promise you; you don’t need all 20 of your pyjama shirts (I’m also talking to myself, don’t come for me). All those socks and underwear that have holes, those clothes you were holding on to to fit into in the near future, get rid of them. Give it to people who need it (but wash them first, #nocoronavirusforyou) because they may only have one pyjama shirt. This virus has really opened my eyes about how we need to come together as a community and start helping others more. Yes, there are times to be selfish, but there are more times to help others. If you only have one take away from this blog post let it be this: help others more so you can brag about it to someone else. Make yourself feel good by making someone else feel good.

6. Blogging

No explanation needed, but I’m reeeeeeeeeaaaaallllyyy excited to get some more posts out. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I have some really cool ideas that hopefully I can make come to life soon. Again, leave any suggestions below

7. Finishing the semester

I’m leaving this one until the end because honestly, it’s the last on my priority list. I have no drive to finish the semester (you probably could have guessed that just from reading my previous blog posts) and I’m not looking forward to doing exams and lectures online. Yeah, it will be harder, but aside from that I just don’t want to. End of story.

That’s pretty much it from me today. I guess I should try to go and catch up on schoolwork but I’ll probably have a snack instead. I’m really going to try to get a post up once a week, but I’m not making any promises.

ALSO: I just wanted to say thank you again for all of you who are supporting my blog. I love talking to you all about what you think, and so many of you surprise me when you say you read it, so thank you so much. It seriously means the world to me.

Okay, now I’m done. Thank you for reading and being here, now go and sit on the couch!

If this is your first time to my page, thank you for being here, reading through this post and supporting me by visiting my blog! I still have a lot of work to do but your support means more than ever. You can follow my blog on instagram @girlbosspending as well as my personal account @allexxyoung . Check out my creative writing tab at the top of this page, as well as give my facebook page a like so you can see other updates! Leave a comment below and let me know if there’s anything you want me to write about or if you have any suggestions. You can also let me know what you thought about this post and leave some kind words! I appreciate you so much, go be the best you can be!

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  1. Bullet journaling – YES! I’ve been trying to get into it more but run out of ideas and have just not stuck with it! I’d love to see more!



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