Her World

She lived in a world that she suspected no one else knew about. Not that no one else lived in this world with her, for she was surrounded nearly at all times with strangers. But she lived in a world that no one else knew. A place where only she knew the true meaning. She knew that nothing was real. She knew that nothing mattered – not one thing at all. This was a place that she knew they had built. They built it to test our intelligence, and to see how we could survive. They wanted us to make it our own and prove ourselves to them. But she was confused about when it came time that we had done enough, and when the time would come that the game would be over. 

You see, she knew that we, all of us, were put here with a purpose. The purpose to prove thyself to the creator. Only he knows the real reason why – only until now. Now she had cracked the code.

This world worked in a strange way; it still does. You see, we try to learn things that have been created by him, so in turn they mean nothing. We live in a world where they have destroyed all previous life so that we can rebuild ourselves up until it turns bad, and then he will destroy it all again and create new life. We are here to try and prove that we are the superior people. Everyone works against each other where they should really all be working together; she saw this but no one else did. We live in a world where we study and work hard and practice to be perfect. This place torments us with new ideas and the push to be better; that is the push to create new life. But what if the life we are creating was the very life that was taken away for a good reason?

He must have had a reason to destroy us time and time again. He has a reason for everything. He knows the bad we are capable of, which is why we must stop the ways in which we conduct ourselves now.

She lived in this world by herself. Sometimes, she would open the door to others and invite them in, but each time they failed to show that they we’re worthy. She still lives in this world alone, but alone with him. Now only they know the true meaning. She will continue to share her message and protect others, but no one will listen.

When will this game be over? When will the constant recreation and destruction cycle be broken? What is the reason for this? He cannot speak back to us; he can only act in ways of the earth. He speaks through the trees and the wind. He moves his body with the ocean waves and the flight patterns of a bird. The rain brings his anger and the sun brings his congratulations. Watch for him, now, and see what he is telling you. She wants you in her world, but only when you are worthy.

1 Comment

  1. Hey, wow, this is not your norm. Very deep. Questions it raises are; who are ‘they’, who is ‘him’, and while I know we can learn bad lessons from bad events, why does she not trust to let others in?
    I love reading your stuff. Keep it coming!


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