I Spoke to the Moon

I talked to the moon tonight.

Slouched in my chair, the lit up sky was the only thing in sight. Another planet. I dream of a place where sillouettes of neatby planets fill the space above my head. I dream of a place where you can see starts in the daytime and even brighter at night. I dream of feeling less alone on a planet where only one other is visible.

I stared at the moon tonight as I tried to plan my day tomorrow. How can you even do that? Plan what you’re going to do? How can you know you’ll do something in a place where everything is out of control?

I told the moon my thoughts tonight. I told him how I’m scared. I told him how I’m not sure of what I’m doing, or where I’m going.

He grinned back at me, almost laughing at what I said. Almost as if to say “You’re doing everything perfectly, just how I’ve planned for you.”.

I stared at the moon and asked him why there’s no one here to tell me if I’m making the right decisions, or moving the right way. Again, he grinned that waxing crescent grin at me and pointed his thin, white fingers at me.

“Me?” I asked him.

The clouds begin to roll in. “No, you can’t go away yet, I need you!” I yelled at him. It didn’t make the clouds stop, though, and soon enough, he was gone into the night.

But I could still hear him. “I’ve not gone anywhere,” he said, “and you do live in the place you dream of. We’re all here, right above your head, you just cannot see us yet. Your time will come my dear,” he said to me, “your time will be here as soon as you get your head out of the clouds.”

And with that, he was gone into the night for good, not to come out again until the next night. So for now, I wait, wide awake. Eyes wide, staring at the sky, waiting for my guidance to come back.

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